Causes And Possible Solutions of A Dryer Making Noises
If you have a noisy dryer, you may find that you dread turning it on because you know you have to listen to the noises coming from it. Many of the problems and noises that occur on a dryer are easy to fix, without calling a repairman to come out. Below, you will find a list of the more common reasons why your dryer could be making a noise

Drive Belt

A drive belt on a dryer helps the drum to rotate, whether it is a gas dryer or an electric. This long thin belt completely wraps around the drum and using a pulley system, it will tense up in order to drive the motor. However, over time, this belt can dry out and that leads to fraying. These belts will even separate and ultimately thumping as the drum turns. Is it the belt? In order to check, remove the front panel of the dryer and then look for any belt wearing such as cracking or fraying. If you see these signs, you will want to call a professional in to help you.

Drum Roller

Located at the front and the rear of the dryer, you will find drum rollers. These rollers can eventually wear out over time and then the drum will move around more loosely. You may hear a squealing sound or a thumping sound when these rollers become worn or broken. What can you do if it’s the roller? You will need to contact a professional to come in and look at it and repair it in your home.

Drum Roller Axle

The axles hold the drum rollers in place at the front and the back of the dryer. Over time, these axles can become worn and create a sound resembling a rumbling sound. Is it your drum roller axle? To find out, you will need to take the belt off of the drum and manually turn it by hand. If you feel that the rollers and the axles wobble a bit, and the drum doesn’t move freely, then one of the axles may be worn out. You will need to replace them in order for the drum to roll smoothly.

Blower Wheel

The blower wheel located on a gas or electric dryer is there to draw the air through the chamber that heats up and through the drum, taking it out through the exhaust vent. There are reasons why this blower wheel can become a problem. #1: Lint and other small particles go from the clothes to the lint filter and become lodged in the blower wheel #2: The blower wheel has become worn out and can no longer hold into place with ease. Remove the dryer vent and find the air flow. If the air flow is weak then it means that there is an obstruction. You will need to contact an appliance repair professional in San Diego County to check to make sure that the blower is working correctly and the wheel is not wobbly. Contact us:

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