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When you’re shopping for a dishwasher, one question many people may ask is should you put your dishwasher next to your stove? To answer this question, we need to look into it in more detail.   When installing a dishwasher, you first need to decide on its location. It is important to consider how comfortable it will be to use this technique with the hostess. Of no less importance is the choice of a safe place for the dishwasher, which will also provide the necessary conditions for its operation. Therefore, it is important to consider whether such conditions will be provided when placing the dishwasher near the stove.  

Manufacturer’s requirements

  In the instructions for the dishwasher, any manufacturer mentions certain rules for the location of a particular model in the kitchen. Its main requirement is a ban on the installation of the dishwasher close to the rest of the items. This means that the owner of the dishwasher should take care to create the right conditions and provide at least a small space around such equipment.   Recommendation! The distance between the appliances can be used to create a new compartment in the built-in kitchen (for example, a storage drawer).   Another admonition from the manufacturer is to secure the dishwasher equally (i.e., evenly) on all sides. This can be done by using the adjacent drawers of built-in kitchen furniture, in which there is a rigid attachment.   Rules for combining the dishwasher with appliances in the kitchen  

What would be the best placement for the dishwasher?

  Dishwasher next to your stove, hob, or oven   Whether you can place the dishwasher near kitchen appliances for cooking (any kind of stove, oven, and so on) is the main thing that owners of such appliances worry about.   Tips for installing a stove, oven, hob, and dishwasher:   – It is important that a technological gap of 15,7 inches between the sides of the dishwasher and other appliances is observed. – It is forbidden to place the cooking surface directly above the dishwasher.   Failure to follow these recommendations will result in problems with the appliance’s sealing rubber since under the influence of high temperature it dries out and breaks its tightness.  

Successful and unsuccessful combination

  Nowadays, kitchen furniture has many additional compartments and built-in drawers that can hide the rest of the appliances. When installing a dishwasher, you need to know what proximity is allowed and what is undesirable.   Location Appropriateness:     With drawers for dishes. Since the result of using a dishwasher is clean kitchen utensils, which need to be arranged in places, it is recommended to place such a technique under the cabinet with a dryer. It is also desirable that there are also drawers for dishes nearby.   Near the drawer where the dishwashing detergent is located. For the comfort of dishwasher owners, the distance from the place under the sink, where there are dishwashing detergents, to the dishwasher should not be more than 1 meter.   Near the refrigerator. Experts have not identified any contraindications to the placement of the dishwasher near the refrigerator. These two appliances perform their tasks and at the same time do not interfere with each other.   Undesirable combinations:   Under the sink. Some owners may think that the best solution is to install the machine under the sink. However, you shouldn’t think that way! The size of the dishwasher is usually larger than the available space under the sink. Because of this, there can be problems with the placement of communication parts of the technique.   Near the washing machine. It is not worth choosing this option, since the washing machine during operation strongly vibrates. And this can have a negative impact on the dishwasher and lead to its destruction.   With a microwave oven. Too “close” proximity to the microwave is not always safe for the electrical appliances in the dishwasher. To ensure the safety of their work, you need to leave a free space of at least half a meter between them.   There are situations where to place the dishwasher where the hostess wishes to make a hole in the wall. Thus it turns out to increase the space and place the dishwasher. But is it worth creating such unnecessary difficulties? It is up to everyone to decide.  

Choosing the right compartment in a built-in kitchen

  Choosing a suitable place for the dishwasher, you should not forget the warning from the manufacturer about the rigid mounting of the appliances on all sides. Based on this requirement, only one of the interior compartments is most appropriate. You should not consider for this purpose the edge drawer, because in this case the device will not be fixed completely, but only on one side. Insufficient fastening on the other side will affect the stability of the dishwasher during operation.   Adhering to the above rules and recommendations, the dishwasher will become a real and reliable assistant for the owner and will make running a household easier and more comfortable.   Need help or a dishwasher repair? San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]