Can I Troubleshoot The Ignitor of A Gas Stove
Appliances sometimes make strange noises and a stove is no different. If you have a gas stove or range, you’ve likely heard that soft clicking noise they are known to make when you turn the surface burner knob. The clicking happens just before the flame goes up and the burner lights. The noise itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s simply the sound of the electric ignitor working to spark the burner. If everything is working as it should, the clicking sound will stop once the burner ifs fully lit. The amount of times the electric ignitor clicks when the gas range is turned on is generally the same with all brands of the range. With a normally functioning ignitor, the clicking will happen three times before the spark causing the burner to ignite. When there’s a flaw, the ignitor may continue to click or tick after the burner is lit or you’ll hear the clicking sound but the burner won’t ignite. When problems like this happen to appliances we’ve spent quite a bit of money on, it’s hard to know what to do. Sometimes the first reaction is to call a professional repair person. Other times the reaction is to try to fix the problem yourself. In most cases, if this happens to someone’s gas stove, they think the only way to fix the clicking sound is to buy a new ignitor for they’re stove.It may become necessary to buy a new ignitor. But before doing that, take a look at these troubleshooting solutions to see if the problem can be fixed without replacing the ignitor. It is good to talk with an appliance repair service in San Diego County to know more. Be aware that if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak to immediately shut off the gas supply and leave the area. A smell of gas is not typical with a malfunctioning ignitor which means the problem isn’t dangerous to fix. The smell of gas is usually the sign of something more serious and requires the assistance of a technician or gas supplier.

Alignment Problems

One of the most common sources of an ignitor clicking when it shouldn’t is a burner cap that has shifted out of alignment. Wait until your cooktop is completely cooled and remove the burner grate so that you can access the cap. Remove the cap and center it on the base.

Moisture Issues

If adjusting the cap alignment is not the answer, then try checking for extra moisture which can collect when a pot boils over or if there is a grease spill. Moisture may be present even if the stovetop looks dry. Remove the burner cap again and allow the burner to air dry. You can also towel off the range when the burners are off to help the process of drying go faster. A fan aimed at the range top will also speed up the process as will leaving the oven on at 350F for 30 minutes.

Collected Food

Small bits of food or debris that gets stuck in the holes of the burner can be responsible for the stove clicking sounds you hear. Use a small item that doesn’t break easily to clean the debris from the grooves. A small nail or paper clip is your best option. Contact us:

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