gas stove repair
Experienced appliance repair technicians in San Diego County have learned how to react to what others might view as a major breakdown. Such troubleshooters do not jump to conclusions, and do not automatically assume that some appliance must undergo expensive repairs. A professional’s attitude differs markedly from that of someone that knows very little about appliances. For example, note the way that a knowledgeable troubleshooter would deal with each of the following issues, each of which could arise during use of a gas stove.

A surface burner will not light

In a traditional gas stove, the burners do not have connections; instead they have port holes. Look to see if the burner’s porthole has become clogged. In the newer stoves each of the burners has an ignition switch. Of course any such switch will not work until the gas-fueled appliance has been plugged in. Realize, too that none of those ignition switches will work when an entire circuit lacks electrical power. Still, the fact that the switches do not work has no bearing on the stove’s ability to carry out its intended function. A match can substitute for a malfunctioning switch. It can be used to light a burner.

Does the burner fail to click when its dial has been set?

The stove’s burners should not remain on the ignition setting for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, each of them is supposed to click, after receiving a message from the ignition switch. The absence of such a noise signals a problem with the ignition switch.

Do you smell gas but get no flame?

That should send a clear signal. You appear to have a gas flow issue. Even the most experienced of troubleshooters will realize that it is now best to call someone that can perform professional-level repair work.

Suppose the oven’s burner does not light

Complete a series of checks. Check the oven’s pilot light, along with the stove’s power cable, thermal cutoff and thermostat. Make sure the stove’s clock timer has been set properly. If everything seems to be in order, contact someone that has the knowledge of a professional.

Suppose one burner’s flame keeps going out

Clean the pilot light’s opening. Once you have done that, then you can get to work adjusting the flame. All of the above procedures need to be done in a well-ventilated area. In fact, even someone that possesses the background of an expert needs to work in a well-ventilated spot. If a gas smell has been noticed in the home, then the homeowner should ventilate that same residence, before the contacted expert arrives. Contact us:

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