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For many people a dryer is an essential appliance in the home. Like the washing machine, it’s something we’ve come to depend on when we do any type of laundry. It has become habit to load clothing into a dryer immediately after a load is finished in the washing machine. Other times a dryer can be used to freshen up sheets or other large items, or used to remove wrinkles from clothing.When the dryer is not working properly or is completely broken, this can be extremely convenient. Especially if you need your freshly washed clothing dry right away. Dryer problems are fairly common; more common than washing machine problems according to some people. Dryer problems can range from simple to complicate. Simple problems can often be easily fixed by the most individuals. More complicated problems can be fixed by a more skilled do it your selfer, or a dryer repair professional. Here’s a look at some of the common problems you may encounter with your dryer. We’ll also take a quick look at what might be the cause of each problem and if anything can be done to fix the problem.

Problem: Dryer not turning on

It’s expected that your dryer will work once you’ve loaded it and started pressing the right buttons. When you’re greeted with silence, it can cause some feelings of disbelief. Perhaps even dread. You might be thinking: Now what am I going to do? Can I fix this? If I can’t fix it, how much is it going to cost me to get someone else to fix it? Before panicking and calling in the repair technician, check a few things yourself first. You might be surprised that the reason your dryer isn’t turning on is because of something simple. Since dryers require electricity to run, it makes sense to first check to see if your electric supply to the dryer is working properly. Make sure the outlet is working properly. The easiest way to check this is to plug another working small appliance into the outlet used for the dryer. If the appliance doesn’t turn on, this could be an indication of some sort of problem with the electrical source. Electrical problems can be as simple as a breaker going off or a fuse blowing. It could also be something more complicated requiring calling a technician. Check to see that the breaker is in the on position and the fuse is still good before calling in an electrician.

Problem: Lack of heat

Heat should come from your dryer immediately after you turn it on. If this isn’t the case, obviously something is wrong. It could be as simple as someone else having set the dryer on the cool setting which is sometimes done to air out clothing. If this is the case, simply change the setting to a warmer one and see if the dryer warms up. If it doesn’t, this could be an indicator of something like wiring problems, a faulty heating element or a bad thermal fuse or ignitor. Call a technician for these types of problems. Contact us:

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