Point Loma Appliance Repair
Needing appliance repairs is always a stressful situation. If you wish to avoid needing appliance repairs in Point Loma, there are some quick tips and tricks that could reduce the likelihood of an unforeseen broken down appliance. With careful maintenance and a quick eye for observations, you can help your home appliances live the longest life possible. Make the most of your appliances with San Diego Appliances Repair Company today! Read our guide below for easy appliance maintenance tips!

Check Your Oven Door

You oven door plays a crucial role in the successful operation of your oven. Appliance repairs in Point Loma can be avoided, if you pay attention to the seal on your oven door. The seal on the door ensures that the heat from your oven is locked in when turned on. Even the slightest slip of the gasket can make your oven operate over 20% less efficiently! To check your ovens door gasket, open the door and find the rubber lining of the door (this is the gasket). Feel around and see if you can find any abrasions or tears along the area of the gasket. If you notice some damage, it might be a good idea to replace the gasket. The gasket ensures that your oven is baking food properly, and heat escaping could negatively affect the oven in the long term.

Give Your Stovetop Some TLC

Your stove top will sometimes have something called “drip bowls” underneath the burner elements. You can quickly cleans these, which will help maintain your stove for a long life of usage. Take the drip bowls out and soak them in a cleaning solution for a few minutes. Soaking them makes the cleanup very quick and easy. Once they have soaked, simply wipe them down with a warm cloth and remove all dirt and debris. It is important to clean your drip bowls as soon as your can after a spill, and some spills can cause burning on your drip bowls, and this could require replacement.

Your Fridge Coils Need Love, Too!

Your fridge coils should be easy to locate. They are most likely either behind the kickplate or at the rear of your fridge. Cleaning your fridge coils is an important step in proper fridge maintenance. Simply use a hand held vacuum to suck up any dirt or debris that has accumulated on your fridge coils. Luckily, you won’t need to clean your fridge coils too often, and once or twice a year should usually suffice!

Your Lint Catcher Can Be A Hazard- Take Care Of It

We are all guilty of, at one point, forgetting to clean out the lint catcher in our dryer. Not only will constant emptying help preserve the life of your dryer, it also keeps you and your family safe! Lint in the catcher is a fire risk, and extremely dangerous!

What To Do When All Else Fails

Sometimes, even with the most diligent of appliance maintenance, accidents happen. When disaster strikes, make sure you have a plan of action. Find a trustworthy repair company like San Diego Appliances Repair Company to quickly repair any and all appliances for fair prices! Call San Diego Appliances Repair Company at (619) 719-5005 today for your quote, or visit us online to learn more about our affordable appliance repairs and how they can help you! Contact us:

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