Your oven is a very important kitchen appliance as you use it daily to prepare food for you and for your entire family. This has given it such a huge significance that when it gets damaged or malfunctions, homeowners oftentimes find themselves in absolute despair. There are quite a few things which could potentially go wrong with your range, stove or oven but when it fails to deliver enough heat you are obviously dealing with something serious. Let’s have a look at a few components which are critical when it comes to controlling the temperature and which could potentially cause the malfunctioning of the unit.

Temperature sensor

On ranges and ovens which are relatively modern, the temperature sensor is the component which is designated to monitor the temperature of the oven and to signal the control of the unit to turn the different elements on and off. If it has failed to work properly, this is likely to be the reason for which your oven is producing heat which is too much. This particular part is located within the oven and it’s commonly near the broil element. The majority of new models will display a fault code if the sensor has failed. You can check the resistance with a multi-meter to see if the sensor needs a replacement. In many cases, replacement of the sensor can enhance the efficiency of the oven.

Oven control thermostat

That component is located right there in the main control panel. It has the designation to control your bake as well as boil elements. It’s nothing but a temperature controlled switch – it has all the necessary contacts which are designed to supply power to these elements. If it’s malfunctioning, the thermostat can cause your oven to produce no heat at all. You should eliminate, however, all other possible components which could be causing the malfunctioning before you get to this one as it’s the most unlikely part to cause this issue. Of course, there are other potential components which could cause this particular problem but these are the two of them which are most commonly doing so. In any case, your oven has the designation of cooking food and if it doesn’t have enough heat supply, it’s as good as nothing. This is why the issue should be addressed as quickly as it’s possible. A lot of people would want to undertake the repair on their own and that’s a mistake. Even though there might be DIY guides on the internet, the truth is that without actual experience in the field the risks of potential damages are significant. This is the main reason for which it’s important and highly advisable for you to take advantage of the services of a professional appliance repair technician in San Diego County so that they can diagnose and consider all aspects of the repairs. Contact us:

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