Are Portable Dishwashers Efficient
Where under-counter space in the kitchen for the larger, more permanent dishwasher is concerned, the portable dishwasher is just the ticket. They are generally slimmer from 16” to 24” and are mounted on wheels so that they are mobile. They are typically less expensive than the permanently built in types, ranging in price from approximately $300 to $500 dollars (depending on the make, model, and retailer selling them). The aspect of mobility is one of the key features that have popularized them over the past several years. Despite the fact that they don’t contain all the bells and whistles of the larger, permanent models, but they enough gauges and settings to make them as efficient as the larger models. Several of the portable models have the super-powerful cycle like the larger units for cleaning those really messy pots and pans. Some even have a feature wherein they will boost the water temperature when the hot water supply in the house is low. Operating a portable dishwasher requires a little bit more effort compared to the larger, more permanent models in that you have to roll them close to your kitchen sink and attached them to the water faucet by virtue of a hose. You just connect the hose to the nozzle of the sink and make sure that you won’t be using it while the dishwasher is in use. It’s a good idea to check the drainage of the sink and possibly use some sort of drain unclogging chemical so that when water is exiting the dishwasher, the sink doesn’t fill up and overflow. Naturally, you should try and remove or rinse any excess food off the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. This will help prevent any clogging or grime buildup within the device. When there is a clog or grime buildup, it becomes obvious when your dishes show signs of a blackish gunk on them. Normally, this can be taken care of quite easily by using vinegar and scrubbing down the inside walls of the dishwasher. Additionally, running the dishwasher using a cup of straight vinegar will normally dissipate any clogging or grime buildup that has occurred within the device. It’s fairly common to see the manufacturers of the larger, more permanent models also manufacture the portable styles as well. Bosch, GE, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, and Whirlpool are brand names that have portable dishwashers in their product mix. On an interesting side note, the tops of the portable models are oftentimes used as additional counter space by the people who own them. When space is at a premium, this can be a blessing in disguise. Portable dishwashers are also manufactured in counter top models as well. Despite the fact that their capacity is less than that of other portable models, they are still rated as being equally efficient. The major negative to these models is that their cost is often higher than the larger portables that are on wheels which probably explain why there aren’t that many that are being sold in the marketplace today. Plus, there are very few models of portable dishwashers to choose from. Contact us:

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