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We get it: life happens, work happens, and kids happen, but we’ve all been there: one of your imperative appliances breaks down and you’re stuck without the money to repair it or the knowledge to do so. In order to avoid this, you’ll want to begin maintaining your appliances from the get-go.

Maintaining Your Oven

Many don’t realize that ovens need care, too. Without, you may find your oven breaking down before the holidays, leaving you without a means of entertainment or hospitality.

– Checking the Seal on the Oven

One of the more important maintenance tips that are often looked over is the oven seal. A faulty seal can reduce the amount of heat your food receives by 20%. If you find that your food is taking longer than usual to cook, check out the quality of the seal. When it’s damaged, it must be replaced.

– Clean the Oven Routinely

We know this doesn’t sound glamorous, but if you don’t clean the often routinely, you’ll find that build-up causes a decrease in performance.

– Monitoring Heating Elements

If you will find that the heating elements aren’t working as they’re supposed to, you must call a professional to replace them or else you’ll waste money, time, energy, and possibly your food!

Maintaining Your Fridge and Freezer

We can’t go without giving you tips on maintaining your fridge or freezer!

– Clean the Coils Being the Cooling System

Make sure to clean up the coils at least twice a year! When refrigerator or freezer coils have gunk build-up behind them, you’ll find that the air flow is restricted, which may result in an overworked freezer or fridge.

– Too Much Ice? Defrost Your Freezer!

When you see more than half an inch of ice around your freezer, or inside, you’ll want to defrost. Time doesn’t matter, ice does!

– You Can Defrost Your Fridge, Too!

Ice in the fridge can restrict airflow, even if it’s only a slight amount. If defrosting doesn’t help, you may have to call a professional for motor replacement.

Your Washing Machine

Just because it washes items, doesn’t mean it’s exempt from being cleaned!

– Running Regular Washes for Maintenance

When mold has build-up within your unit, you will need to run regular washes adding a concoction of ingredients to remove that mould, this is typically done with detergent remover and limescale on a hot setting.

– Clean the Inside of the Drum

Get inside the drum of the machine and clean-up mould and gunk build-up. In doing so, you improve the quality of your laundry loads.

– Inspect the Hoses Routinely

Any hoses with significant wear should be replaced immediately. By doing this, you can save money on energy that’s not wasted.

Tips for Tumbler Dryers

We covered washing machines, now let’s cover dryers!

– Clean Your Lint Filters Routinely

Never go weeks without cleaning your filter. When you clean, your appliance won’t have to overwork.

– Sensor Cleaning Regularly

Those that use sensors in their dries should wipe them down routinely – only with a stainless-steel cleaner, though!   Contact us:

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