A Guide To Fixing Common Water Heater Problems
None of us give our water heaters too much thought. That is, unless they’re causing problems. However, there a quite a few things you should be aware of for the sake of saving on time and money. First, you’ll need to be able to spot the main signs of trouble which can be split into two categories: signs from your water, and signs from the unit. Let’s start with the water: Cold Water Only: You may be dealing with a faulty pilot and should check the light. If it’s out, you can try relighting it by following the instructions on the tank, but if that doesn’t fix anything, you should call in a technician. They’ll probably need to replace the thermocouple or pilot. Limited Hot Water: If this has been an ongoing problem for you, you probably have to invest in a bigger unit. There may also be the possibility that there’s a water connection issue if it’s a newly installed heater. You could also be dealing with a burned-out heating element, in case of an electric unit, or an assembly-problem, in case of a gas heater. Orange-Tinted Water: Rusty water is a symptom of tank-corrosion, aka a failing anode rod, in most cases. To fix this, you’ll need to replace the anode rod with a new one or maybe switch to a magnesium rod. Smelly Water: Check if the odor is there regardless of which tab you switch on, because if it is, the problem doesn’t lie with the heater but with the source water, in which case a sulfur water filter should fix the issue. However, if it’s only coming from the hot water tab, you may have a build-up of sulfates in your tank which should be gotten rid of by flushing the tank and refilling it. Loud Noises from The Water Heater: If your heater is making a lot of noise, you may want to check the tank and heating elements for scale deposits. It’s a crust of white minerals that can be removed after you’ve flushed the tank. Puddle of Water around Base: You’ll have to check for leaks on the water ports which includes all valves and nearby pipes, but if they’re all fine, the problem most likely lies with your tank in which case it needs quick replacing. You may not always be able to fix these issues by yourself, so don’t hesitate to call a appliance repair service in Innisfil to help you to ensure you won’t only cause more problems in your attempt to resolve one. Contact us:

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