A washing machine seems to make life easier for us, but on the other hand, an unpleasant smell from it can ruin your things. Unfortunately, even a new unit can get an unpleasant odor, since there are places in its design where water can stagnate. Let’s see the main reasons for the appearance of smell out of washer: 1.Closed machine after washing cycle. This is the most common mistake. After the end of the wash, it is necessary not only to remove the laundry, but also to wipe the drum with a dry, clean piece of paper. If this is not done, moisture remains in the unit, where fungi and bacteria develop – the cause of damage to equipment and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. 2.Poor quality washing powder. It sounds strange, but yes, cheap and bad laundry detergent doesn’t completely dissolve in water. It remains not only on things, but also sticks to the walls of the drum, which becomes the reason for the development of mold. 3.Improper maintenance of the washing machine. Of course, a bad, rotten smell can form as a result of a poorly washed tray, where powder particles remain, the drain pipe is clogged, the pump filter is clogged with debris etc. 4. Powder / gel dosage. If you pour in a lot of detergent, it just won’t rinse out and will remain in the machine. Because of this, after a while, a rotten smell may appear. 5. Storing dirty laundry. Many people store contaminated clothing in the washing machine. This is absolutely not allowed to do. Otherwise, an unpleasant smell of dirty things will appear in the drum. 6.Incorrectly installed machine. If the unit is tilted, part of the water cannot drain into the sewer and remains at the bottom. 7. An unpleasant sewage smell may appear if the hose of the washing machine is not properly connected to the drain. 8. If the pipes in the house are old and rusty, it is possible that the machine will carry a bad sewer smell. If for some reason your washing machine stopped working, do not hesitate to contact Appliance Repair Service in San Diego as soon as possible! You can be sure that the work will be done with high quality and within a predetermined time frame. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]