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These days, washing machines are very modern and they are designed to clean your clothes thoroughly without using too much energy or water. However, after a while, they can get quite damaged, especially if you are not very careful and you don’t maintain them correctly. As a result, you will eventually have to invest in repairs and parts replacements and these are basically unplanned expenses which will never make you smile. In order to avoid this, it is a good idea to know a couple of tips and tricks which will maintain your washing machine in a great condition for a long period of time. Here is exactly what you have to do in order to enjoy your washing machine and have clean clothes all the times!

1. Use less fabric softener or bleach.

Thanks to the fact that washing machines are much more efficient these days and they use fewer resources such as water or electricity, it is advised that you also use less fabric softener or bleach when cleaning your clothes. For example, one tablespoon of fabric softener is more than enough for a whole load of clothes. In a similar fashion, you should use just one tablespoon of concentrated bleach or two tablespoon for regular bleach. This trick will help you use cleaning products more efficiently and also protect your washing machine in the long run as well!

2. Choose the right spin speed.

Modern washing machines can spin your clothes very quickly, even at 1200 rpm in some cases. However, you shouldn’t always use this setting because it can damage your washing machine in the long run. Basically, a high spinning speed will wear and tear the internal mechanical components of your washing machine faster and as a result, your appliance can get damaged more often in the long run. On the other hand, if you run your washing machine at a lower spinning speed like 800 rpm or even 400 rpm, your clothes will be in a better condition and your washing machine won’t be damaged whatsoever.

3. Clean the drain pump filter every couple of weeks.

This is a smart maintenance operation that can save you a lot of money in the long run. The drain pump filter is located at the bottom of your washing machine, usually behind a trapdoor or something similar. After a prolonged period of usage, this component of your washing machine can become clogged with hairs, soap residues, dust, dirt and other impurities and it will not be able to drain the water correctly and efficiently. You know that you have a problem with the drain pump filter when you notice excessive vibrations when running your washing machine, when you take out wet clothes from the washer, when it runs for longer than normal or when the machine pauses the washing cycle for no good reason.

4. Always leave the door open when not using the washing machine.

Well, not completely open, just slightly, so that the air circulates better inside your washing machine. If you don’t do this, the washing machine will eventually develop mould and mildew build-ups in the long run and it will also feature some unpleasant smells too.

5. Don’t let damp clothes stay in your washing machine.

Make sure that you are always at home when your washing machine finishes a washing cycle, so that you can take out the clothes immediately. If you let damp clothes sit in your washing machine for a long period of time, bacteria, microbes and mould and mildew will eventually start to develop and cause a lot of problems to your washing machine in the long run. Additionally, your clothes might be affected too and they will smell bad and require another cleaning process later on.

6. Never overload your machine.

Most homeowners do this and it is very tempting to overload your washing machine, just to clean a little bit more clothes at the same time and also save some time and energy. Well, although this might appear as a good idea at first, it is actually a bad call because an overloaded washing machine will not perform at its peak and it can even get damaged in the long run. Basically, the washing machine will get out of balance while spinning the clothes and a lot of unpleasant consequences will follow afterwards.

7. Clean the outside of your washing machine.

Sometimes, the exterior of your washing machine might get quite dirty simply because you might accidentally spill fabric softener, various detergents, stain removers and other cleaning products on your appliance. Remember to clean up spills right away and if the stains have already dried up, use a special cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer of your washing machine in order to eliminate them. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will keep your washing machine in a top condition, but if you ever encounter any problem with your favourite appliance, make sure that you give us a call and we will be glad to fix it by our washing machine repair experts for you quickly and affordably. Contact us:

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