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Many people have been aware for a long time that modern household appliances are equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities. In fact, it turns out this way: when you turn on the dishwasher, it begins to check all of its nodes and components. If it does not detect, for example: resistance in the motor winding, the appropriate code is displayed on the screen.
  • E09: Water is not heating
Faulty heating element – the heating element is damaged.
  • E15: Water leakage
Water leaking into central unit – drain water, leave dishwasher with door open to dry. We recommend to contact a customer service if the problem occurs again.
  • E19: Circulation pump
Circulation pump is damaged. Incorrect connection of circulation pump – check connection of pump.
  • E22: Dirty or blocked filters
Damaged or clogged strainer – check for food residue or damage.
  • E23 Drain pump
Electrical failure of the drain pump – pump needs to be replaced.
  • E24 Water not draining
Water not draining – check filter for cleanliness, check pump for damage.
  • E25 Drain pump is blocked
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