5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Gas Grill
It is almost summer time and that means it is time to get the grill out! From Memorial Day in May to the end of the summer season, patios are filled with guests and family and friends coming together over their love of food. When it comes to purchasing the best grill, how do you know which one is right? Here are a few things to consider when you are out shopping for a new grill to prepare your meals this summer.

1. What size grill do I need?

Size is important when it comes to grilling. If you are just in it for the burgers and hot dogs, a simple size will most likely be all you need however if you plan to fix your dinners out there or entertain quite often, you may be looking at a larger size. You want to have at least 72″ of room for the main grilling area. That equals to about the size of a dinner plate. You also want to make sure that you have at least 12″ of headspace between the grates and the inside of the lid so you have room to work.

2. How many burners should I get?

If you have a large group to cook for, you may want to consider purchasing a grill that includes a few burners. This will give you more control on when things are done and give you the option to grill a variety of foods as well. You don’t want to purchase a grill with many burners unless you plan to cook and grill for several as these grills tend to be a little pricy.

3. Infrared or convection?

Here is a debate that many grillers will have – infrared or convection. The choice you make could mean the difference in how well your barbecue turns out to be. Convection works by hot air circulating the heat. The con to this method is that it could dry out your food. Infrared uses infrared waves to direct the heat to the food reducing the amount of air circulating within. This method cuts down on your cooking time and helps to hold in the moisture inside the food. This method also makes it easier to manage the temperature you are cooking with so you can easily steam the veggies or even roast a whole chicken.

4. What will I be cooking most?

What do you plan to prepare most of? If you are not a chicken eater, you will most likely fix a lot of steaks on your grill. Maybe you like to try your hand at grilling vegetables this year. No matter what you want to try, there is a grill for that so shop around and customize your grilling unit.

5. What extra features do I want?

Some grills come with extra features such as a rotisserie option. Some grilling surfaces use grates while others use a flat surface like you will find in a restaurant to grill and prepare on. You may want to add a smoker to your grill or choose a grill with a built in mini fridge for those cold drinks while you prepare foods. Your possibilities are endless with all the grilling options available today. If you need expert advice, call on an appliance repair service in San Diego County today and know more. Contact us:

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