Home appliance have made our lives so much easier. We cannot deny the comfort and convenience these appliances provide us. A day without these helping hands is quite annoying and troublesome.  But these man made machine can break down or go out of function if not taken care off properly. Home appliance maintenance tips A good care and correct use of these appliance provide them a longer running life. Here are few care & maintenance tips for some important  home appliances that we use everyday to ensure an extended life for them: 1.Refrigerator: Never overload your refrigerator with food items. Overloading  makes the compressor to work more to keep food and beverages cold and fresh. Also understand which food to store where in the refrigerator.  To read more on taking care of refrigerator refer to “Fridge not cooling fast? We found 5 silly mistakes people make in India ” . 2. Washing Machine:
  • Most useful tip for taking care of washing machine is to wash smaller loads. Large loads can lead to early death of your washing machine. Also do not wash your huge carpets and rubber mats in the washing machine.
  • Wipe and clean the inside drum of the washer with damp cloth at least once a week. It would remove any kind of soapy residue, dirt , left threads from clothes etc.
  • Once you are finished washing and drying clothes, keep the door open to let the moisture and dampness evaporate. For more tips on washing machine maintenance read “8 tips to take care of your washing machine
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3. Microwave:
  • Never put any metal utensil  or container  and not even an object with metal trim inside the microwave. Always remember to remove the aluminium foil from the food item before putting them inside the microwave to avoid any fire hazard.
  • Never heat any flammable food and beverage inside the microwave to avoid fire or explosion.
  • Do not heat any sealed food container or packed food or beverage item. Always remove the seal first and then heat items to avoid explosion.
  • When the microwave is in use , do not cover the top.
  • Clean the food spills and stains  inside  the microwave after every use to avoid any rotten smell.
To read on microwave safety measures refer to “10 microwave safety measures that you must follow” Just a few minutes of daily simple maintenance of these household appliance will not only give them a longer operating life but also reduce the amount  of money we spent on their service and repair. This article was taken from: https://www.mrright.in/ideas/appliances/home-appliances-care-and-maintenance-tips/ Contact us:

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