If on the display of the washing machine appears a combination of digits and letters, or in models without a screen there is a combination of burning lamps, after which the machine stops working – it means that there are certain problems.   Knowing the decoding of the codes, one can quickly orient oneself in the seriousness of the problem and determine whether it is the result of the user inattention or a serious breakdown requiring the intervention of professionals.  

№1. Level sensor malfunction 

The appearance of such combinations as 1E, E7, and 1C on the screen indicates abnormalities in the work of the water sensor, the so-called water level sensor. On models without display, in this case, the indicators of all washings are flashing and the indicators of all temperature modes except Bio 60°C are lit.   The machine begins to signal a malfunction literally immediately after switching on. In most cases, this breakdown requires professional assistance, but in some cases, you can solve the problem yourself.   – Disconnect the machine from the mains for 5 minutes. If the cause is a single sensor malfunction, the unit will start to run the program normally. – It is necessary to check all contacts from the water level sensor to the control module. It is likely that the cause of the error is a disconnection of one of the connectors. – In order to locate the problem it is necessary to check the condition of the tube connecting the water level sensor to the pressure chamber. It may be kinked or loose. To correct the problem, return it to its original position.   If the above-described work has been done, but the code still appears on the display, it is better to contact a service center and entrust the repair to professionals.  

№2. Problems with the tacho sensor of the washing machine

Codes 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8C1, EA can appear on the screen as a result of tacho sensor error. This small device is responsible for making the engine perform a certain number of revolutions.   On models without a display, in such cases, washing modes will flash and the temperature indicators 40°C and Bio 60°C will be lit.   Probable causes:   – The drum is loaded with the amount of laundry, the weight of which exceeds the established norm and the motor simply can not pull such a load. If this is the cause, then after removing some of the laundries and restarting the machine continues to work normally. – Demonstration code described error in washing machines “Samsung” can occur because of an accidental failure. To check the option, you need to turn off the machine from the socket and then turn it on again after a couple of minutes.   If the restart was successful, there is no reason to worry.  

№3. Troubles with the water supply system

  How to decipher errors 4E, 4C, or E1? If during the washing or rinsing, the machine stopped running the program and the display shows the above blinking combinations – this is a message of the cessation of water supply to the drum with the laundry. On models without a screen, in this case, the washing mode and minimum temperature indicator lamps light up.   There may be several reasons for the error:   – The intake hose through which water enters the machine is jammed by something. – The filter located at the outlet of the same hose is clogged. – The user simply forgot to open the water supply tap. – The pressure is too low. – There is no cold water in the system.   To determine the exact cause, restart the program and listen to the sound of water pouring.   Further action depends entirely on the presence or absence of sound:  
  1. If it can be heard, but the machine stands and continues to indicate an error – perhaps the drum is overloaded or washed things that absorb almost all the water from the tank.
  1. When you can clearly hear the water coming in, the weight of the laundry meets the standards specified in the instructions and the fabric does not absorb much water, but the flashing display still indicates an error, you need to check the water pressure. Most likely, it is weak.
  If there is no sound of pouring water with an open water tap and normal pressure in the system, proceed as follows: clean the filter, reset the control unit by unplugging it for 15 minutes, then plug in the machine and restart the same washing mode.   It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego county. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]