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Don’t forget the safety glasses! No matter if you just bought your first home or are retired and looking to downsize to a smaller place, no home is complete without a well-stocked tool kit. Even if you don’t like to tackle home repairs, or power tools seem a little bit scary (no judgment here), you’ll want a basic set of tools for quick projects, like hanging a new picture frame or caulking around the bathroom sink. A complete tool kit can get pricey, so to help you figure out what you really need (sandpaper is essential) and what you can leave to the home pros (you probably don’t need a lathe), we rounded up the 24 things a basic tool kit should have. Order these must-haves for your new home, or use the list as a guide to fill in the holes in your current toolbox—you’re going to reach for these essentials again and again. 24 Toolbox Essentials: Safety glasses Electric drill Drill bits Pencil Permanent marker 6-in-1 screwdriver Wrench Wood glue Extension cord Hot glue gun Hot glue sticks Super glue Hammer Nails and screws Picture hangers Painter’s tape Sand paper Gloves Mini flashlight Level Tape measure and mini tape measure (for on the go!) Metal scraper Hex key Paintbrush Goplus 20-Inch Portable Toolbox (to buy: $36; amazon.com) This article was taken from:https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/home-improvement/tool-box-essentials Contact us:

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