Kitchen hob maintenance primarily includes cleaning. You will need a special detergent and a soft cloth. Maintenance depends on the type of panel itself. Let’s take a look at what materials the surfaces are made of and how to maintain your kitchen hob properly.
  • If the hob is made of glass ceramics, choose gentle cleaning materials, as glass ceramics is a very delicate material. After cleaning, wipe the surface with a wet and dry towel. In addition, glass ceramics can be cleaned with glass cleaner.
  • Kitchen glass hob maintenance. Use a sponge soaked in a mild detergent solution. It is better to soak old limescale stains with warm water before cleaning. It is recommended to wipe the glass with suede.
  • Use a cotton cloth to clean metal surfaces. It is advisable to moisten it with a drop of sunflower oil, which is always can be found in a kitchen. After oil treatment, wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol. Remember that the enemies of metal panels are abrasive materials that can scratch soft metal.
hob3     A few tips that every person who loves cooking should remember:  
  1. Never start cleaning while the surface is still hot – there is a risk of ruining the surface and getting burned. An exception in this case is caramel or jam stains, they must be removed immediately, before they dry.
  2. Do not use solutions, stain removers and other products not intended for the maintenance of household appliances
  3. No metal brushes, sponges, knives, or any coarse material capable of damaging the surface
  4. Do not take scratch-resistant literally – experiments can end badly
  5. Do not use the surface as a support for heavy objects, this may lead to loss of functionality and cracks
  6. Do not pour a large amount of water on the panel to soak the stain, for example, from milk – excess water can damage the equipment and become dangerous for its operation.
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