A fridge that is running makes noises all the time. A working refrigerator constantly makes sounds. Often the sounds are similar to each other like hissing or gurgling. You can often hear a low rumbling or humming sound coming from the refrigerator. But how to understand which sounds indicate the normal operation of the device, and which ones say that for now call the service center! It should be said that absolutely any refrigerator is buzzing, but in this article, we will talk about loud noise, which causes significant discomfort. Now the market offers silent refrigerators, which is a priori an incorrect statement, since according to the standard, the permissible volume from the operation of the compressor is equal in terms of the noise level to the volume of human speech. With the correct installation of the refrigerating chamber, it takes about 3-5 days for it to enter the normal operating mode, so to speak, to swing. Also, the maximum noise level of each refrigerator is indicated in the instructions for it. However, what to do if a whole week has passed since the purchase of the refrigerator, and it is still very loud? There are many reasons for its occurrence: from minor to really serious.   Sometimes you may hear suspicious loud noises coming from the fridge that you haven’t heard before. These noises can originate from different modules. The key is to realize that this noise is due to a malfunction and not to the stable operation of the appliance.   The unit makes a loud noise and rattles A fairly common occurrence is the appearance of an ice crust around the fan: during operation, it beats against this ice crust with its blades, which is why the rattle appears. You need to try to defrost the refrigerator compartment for 10-12 hours, and if the problem reappears after a while, then you should check the evaporator heater or the tightness of the door. This problem is most often encountered by refrigerators with the No Frost system. If this problem is not resolved in time, then further use of the faulty refrigerator will lead to a breakdown of the fan motor, so it will also have to be replaced.   Incorrect location of the refrigerator in the room If the unit is in contact with other furniture, then during operation, the vibration from the refrigerator flows to adjacent objects. You also need to adjust the legs so that the refrigerator is stable. It is also necessary to keep order inside the refrigerator compartment – if the products stored in it lie too close to the walls, then again, due to the vibration of the refrigerator itself, the dishes located in it can tap each other. Also, do not force the refrigerator to work at full capacity, as this, firstly, leads to loud noise, and secondly, for this reason, important components of the refrigerator will quickly lose their working qualities.   Shipping bolts not removed They are needed to fix the compressor springs. If they are not removed, the refrigerator will hum very strongly.   Compressor noise There is a possibility that the rings or their pistons have worn out. Also, in this case, the refrigerator will work loudly and for a long time without shutting down. With this reason for the occurrence of noise, most likely, a replacement of the motor compressor will be required. The compressor sounds loudly at the beginning of work and the end Most likely, the compressor shock absorbers have weakened, so they have a very strong vibration, which amplifies the noise and is a source of rattling. This reason can be solved by adjusting these same shock absorbers.   Useful tips that can really help you deal with noise.   Position your refrigerator so that it is level Do not lean it against a wall or place it against furniture or other interior fittings. Remove the transport screws after purchasing and unpacking. Diagnose at the first sign of malfunction. (icing on, unclear operation of the compressor). And most importantly, do not put off calling a technician if your refrigerator starts making strange noises.   The refrigerator in working condition makes different sounds. The main thing is to be able to distinguish a “useful hum” from the first signs of a breakdown. If you start making strange noises, it is best to contact an experienced appliance repair service in San Diego County. He or she should perform a thorough diagnosis that will uncover the true nature of the noise that has occurred.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]