Maintenance of the Disposal and some Tips

While doing disposal ALWAYS turn on water before you start the disposal and turn it off after the unit has stopped. Also, put down to disposal the old ice cubes or build up to maintain your icemaker in the freezer.

To remove the odour put leftover lemon peels, lime peels and the Arm & Hammer baking soda from your fridge into it and run it (do not use fresh citrus rinds because they are not softened).

If the disposal hums but does not turn it is jammed. Turn off the unit and grab the proper Allen wrench and place it in the fitting in the bottom center of the shaft and turn it back and forth gently until it turns all the way around. NEVER PUT YOUR FINGERS DOWN INTO THE DISPOSAL. Use tongs to remove the debris jamming the unit or call a professional if there is any kind of problem where you cannot get the unit to turn/grind up the food debris. Still not running after all of this – with the Power off, at least at the switch, push and release the red reset button. Should you have any difficulties call us to give you a hand.


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