DIY Fire Pit Ideas to Make Your Backyard Look Hot

Want to make your backyard look more inviting, but don’t want to splurge for a professional mason to help? These DIY fire pit ideas will let you add a little warmth to your home—without a big price tag

If there’s one backyard addition that can make a winter session outside sound okay, and make summer gatherings way better, it’s a fire pit. There’s something primally satisfying about sitting around a roaring fire with friends, and truth be told, fire pits also look awesome.

With many people, the only reason why they don’t have a fire pit is because they can’t afford to pay someone to make one for them. On average, a fire pit that’s professionally built can cost as much as $500 to $1000, if not more.

Though you could splurge and get a contractor to make a fire pit for you, there are plenty of easy DIY fire pit ideas that you can do which will give you a great pit—and also help you save money. If you have a flair for DIY projects, these ideas are a great way to upgrade your home.

A Round Stone Fire Pit

If you love the idea of going old school and enjoy the aesthetic of stone, then one of the best DIY fire pit ideas you can choose to pursue is a stone fire pit. These have a classic appeal, offer protection from “free-roaming” fire, and also can be outfitted to offer a nice place to sit.

This guide on how to DIY a stone fire pit is a great place to start, and it even comes with step-by-step pictures that show every little detail of the process, including how to build a wall around it.

A Fire Pit Made From Concrete Tree Rings

Low on money? Still want a fire pit? No problem—one of the easiest DIY fire pit ideas trending online is a fire pit that is made from concrete tree rings. What makes this such a great DIY project for folks on a budget is the fact that the supplies cost less than $50.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? This guide on how to make your own $50 fire pitwill prove to you that you don’t need too much money to have a fun addition to your backyard.

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